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At OSP, our commitment goes beyond the defined scope of works. We strive to offer products with superior level of quality that provide practical solutions to the challenging construction industry.

With years of experience and a proven record of successful projects in Asia Pacific and other global regions, the OSP team is engineering a higher standard of foundation solutions products, without fail.

Product Type
Z Section
Continuous form of the web and location of the interlock symmetrically on each side of the neutral axis provides positive influence on the section modulus on the Z section.
U Section
Symmetrical form of the single element made U section convenient for re-use or even applied as permanent solution.
OΩ Section
Innovative section allowing installation of sheet pile that is adjacent to existing structure and flexibility of changing profile widths with the wide range of omega sections.
Foundation Pipes
Effective weight foundation solutions to take vertical bearing capacity and when combined with steel sheet piles, pipe pile functions as primary element to take lateral force from soil and water.
Tie Back System (Tie Rods)
Effective load transfer for anchoring sheet piling works for various types of connections and retaining wall layout, providing significant optimization and cost reduction of a project.
Strutting System
Deep excavations, underground construction with complex layouts and difficult working environment are made possible using steel sheet piles and strutting system.