We make our business at OSP by evaluating every possible aspect of a proposed scheme; assess the challenges and work together with the client throughout installation works. Some of the applications requiring steel sheet piling as stiff and flexible retaining wall are:

1. Waterfront structures
Steel sheet piling is suitable for offshore construction as it is designed to cater for heavy vertical loads and large bending moments with fast execution. Few types of retaining structures in waterfront structures are ship berthing area, wharf, breakwater and slipway.
2. Canalization
Steel sheet piling is used as the support, protection and beautification of river embankments. It can also function as flood protection wall during monsoon or high-tide season.
3. Basement
Steel sheet piling can be used for top down construction (permanent) or bottom up construction (temporary); both methods require minimal construction width offering significant time and cost savings. Steel sheet pile can also support vertical loads from the structure above.
4. Railway and Tunnel
As support structure for railway and tunnel construction, steel sheet piling helps to minimize excavation and disposal works, thus speed up the construction duration.
5. General Excavation
General excavation works involve temporary excavation for foundation construction and protection to underground structure, minimizing excavation volume and area.
6. Highway Construction
Most of the time, steel sheet piles act as retaining structure for excavation works. They can be installed easily and extracted anytime when the construction work is completed. The steel sheet piles can then be re-used and carried forward for later construction stages.
7. Bridge
Steel sheet piles can act as foundation and abutment of the bridge, requiring minimum space and construction time.