Cold Formed Sheet Piles – Oriental Sheet Piling

Our Heavy Gauge Cold Forming Plant in Shanghai

After spending the better half of a decade producing and tailoring cold formed steel sheet piles to meet the needs of our clients in Malaysia, we’ve now strategically located our cold formed plant close to one of the busiest commercial and development hubs of China.  This was to ensure that as the expectations of our clientele towards OSP grew, so did the quality and standards of our sheet piles. As of today, we offer a comprehensive selection of different widths, thickness and lengths of ready-stock cold formed sheet pile, as well as a more bespoke, case-by-case solution for construction projects that demand nothing less.

Cold Formed Sheet Pile​

As an effective alternative to hot rolled steel sheet pile, OSP made its name in the early 2000s by spearheading the application of cold formed sheet piles in both water and land based projects throughout ASEAN and China.

The OZ and OT cold-formed series were specifically designed and produced locally with one vision in mind: to optimise all possible sections of the sheet pile design in order to create a product that is fast to manufacture, and exacting in requirements.


Cold-formed steel sheet piles have the benefit of being an efficient and environmentally friendly foundation solution for construction projects. This is because of its high tensile strength, strong water resistance and high efficiency as a foundation solution. At the same time, its impeccable durability allows it to be reused or further leased out for other construction purposes. The OZ and OT series sheet piles are OSP’s blank canvas: by optimising all parts of the basic design in the sheet pile, our team is uniquely able to apply adjustments and improvements atop the already robust design of the OZ series to meet your exact requirements.

The Process

The heavy gauge cold forming process OSP specialises in allows persistent and precise profiles coupled with high speed manufacturing of up to 10m length per minute in a single process; manufacturing of cold formed steel sheet piles is done in our very own manufacturing plants.

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